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Payment and Cancellation

Payment and Cancellation Policy

Fifty (50) percent of the rental must be received in 10 days once we have emailed reservation confirmation to you. The final payment is due forty five (45) days prior to arrival. Deposits are non-refundable unless the Manager is able to re-rent the same time period, less a 20% rebooking fee of the total balance. For your peace of mind, we strongly suggest Travel Insurance. Any damages to the villa or its contents are the responsibility of the guests. The villa is to be used by the maximum number of guests listed on this confirmation only. Villas are rented double occupancy, that is 2 persons using one bedroom. For clarification. if you are a party of two and using two bedrooms the rate will be for two bedrooms. The total number of persons allowed in the villa at any one time is restricted to the number of persons scheduled and paid for, based on two persons per bedroom. Should a group misrepresent themselves, they will be required to pay for all excess persons immediately, or shall vacate the villa immediately, without refund.
Any function held by the guests such as a dinner party, wedding, reception, etc. must have the expressed written consent of the Manager and must pay a fee between $500-$1000 per function in addition to the regular cost of the rental. There will be an extra charge for any and all additional guests using this villa not listed on the contract. Villa furniture is not to be moved, and if it is, a sum for restoring to original location will be deducted from the security deposit. Animals are not permitted in the house ever. Guests will be charged for removal of excessive trash left at the villa upon departure. Check out is 10:00am unless previous arrangements have been made. There will be an assessment of $50 per hour or any part thereof for time in the house after the 10:00am check out.

Liability Release

Guests are advised that personal items lost or stolen are not the responsibility of the Owner, Manager or Rental Agent. Guests will have a set of keys and will be solely responsible for locking of the home and the safekeeping of their personal valuables during their visit. Owner, Manager, and Rental Agent assume no responsibility for insuring that the residence is locked and secured during the period of occupation by the Guests. In addition, the Owner, Manager and Rental Agent shall be held harmless from any and all claims or causes of actions arising from the rental and occupation of the residence by the Guest. In the event the home reserved becomes unavailable due unforeseen reasons, the Manager will make every effort to re-reserve a similar property.

I have read the above and accept the conditions of the cancellation policy and liability release. I understand that Purple Pineapple Villa Rentals strongly recommends the purchase of travelers insurance. I agree with all of the contents of my confirmation.

By booking your villa with Purple Pineapple Villa Rentals you automatically agree to these terms.