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November 30, 2018

Amazon’s Kindle is now Waterproof


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I know this is pretty much a straight-up pitch for the newest Amazon Kindle but this is an item I don’t travel without and it just keeps getting better! At $249.99 for built-in 4G it’s pricey but something you can read in the pool, bath or ocean and drop underwater for up to an hour safely is probably worth that price in my experience. You can get the Wifi only version for $129.99

From day one and never looked back.

I’ve been a Kindle owner since the first version was launched and at the current prices, I’m not sure why anyone would not have one. The basic kindle goes for $79.99 these days and will do absolutely everything you need. You can read in the sun, the dark and so it seems underwater now! Well, I’d probably not try that last one but still, it’s a nice thing to know you have a safety net if it’s dropped or gets a Painkiller spilled on it at the beach.

The Top Reasons I Own a Kindle.

The obvious is that you can store thousands of books, periodicals and even personal documents on your Kindle to read at any time almost anywhere, especially now that the Kindle comes in the waterproof version. If you are going to load up with an exorbitant amount of books I suggest starting with “collections” right from the start. Simply put it’s a folder system for itemizing your reading material. For example, a few of my personal collections are “Zombies & Post Apocalyptic Novels”, “Lifestyle Hacks & Life Learning”, “Day Trading & Market Research”, “Classics”….. you get the idea, it just makes it faster to find that one book you wanted to re-read or show to a friend.

I’d say the single most useful tool I use on my Kindle is the highlighter. I grew up a huge fan of highlighting newspaper articles, magazines etc. and now on the Kindle I can do the same thing and Amazon organizes all my highlights in one place on my Kindle Highlights Page to browse at any time.

I’d like to think I’m fairly well read and pretty intelligent but let’s face it I’m not Einstein and on that note, I often use the built-in Dictionary. It’s really too simple to not use and I’ve even caught myself once or twice (can’t believe I’m admitting this) touching a word in one of my many print books from the library at home to see the full meaning! For the record that does NOT work with print books but it works perfectly on my Kindle. It’s a great tool.

I do an awful lot of reading on sites such as which offers condensed book summaries. With this site as with many others, you can simply click “send to Kindle” and the book summary or article you are reading will be magically dumped right onto your Kindle for current or future reading.

One of the other cool features of using a Kindle is the ability to loan, borrow, share or even check out books from your local library. Probably the best feature here for me is using Amazon Household to share your library within your family. This is limited to only two adults and a couple of children I believe but still, it’s a great way to share and save a little cash if you and your partner both enjoy the same genre.

If it’s not broke you don’t have to fix it but why not have both?

You don’t have to tell me there is no substitute for an old-fashioned heavy book in your hands, I can’t argue with the smell and feel of a good book. My personal library will soon be approaching a thousand of them, any of which you are welcome to borrow during your stay at one of my properties in the British Virgin Islands including my personal favorite, Sugar Apple.

If you have any questions about a stay here at one of my properties, which Kindle I personally recommend or just want to say hello feel free to email me or message on FaceBook. You can find both options at the bottom of this webpage.


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