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July 30, 2018

Sage Mountain, Tortola BVI is as beautiful as ever.

Today has been a great day so far, awaking to my son’s 18th birthday was something that is difficult for me to elaborate my feelings on but one of his requests for today I can definitely let you get a peak at…. a hike on Sage Mountain, Tortola BVI.

Sage Mountain like most everything else here in our amazing little territory was obliterated by Hurricane Irma and Hurricane Maria beginning with Irma’s landfall here on September 6th 2017. Over the last ten months nature has done what I was unsure it ever would, seemingly without any effort the foliage has regrown with vigor and in most areas the hillsides look to be their old vibrant green selves. Of course we all know there will be debris scattered underneath the low growing vines and bushes for decades or centuries to come but that’s not what this post is about today. Today I’m posting to say that in the same way my son has grown into adulthood in the most amazing, quick and methodically unnoticeable way so has nature here in the BVI regained it’s foothold and become once again what we have always loved and will forever admire.

It’s amazing to me to consider that the photos I’m posting here are of “weeds”, the lowest of the low and the often disliked and overlooked in the forest. It’s when we can take the time to slow down and interact with the “weeds” of the world that we often find the most beautiful flowers.

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